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These guys are a joke.The keep rescheduling me and I suspect it is because they don't have the staff.

The place is empty. Probably bad memories of Brite Smile and pure med spa not to mention the previous owners Jeff nourse and Louise Talbot. I should't have gone here again. I thought it would be different but I suspect it is the same owners.

The store looks nice but the management is lame to say the least.

Westfield Southcenter should be more careful about who they lease to since it also reflects on them.There customers trust them to make good decisions



Louise is in Dallas the spa in northpark


I work for them and they are absolutely wonderful ;)

to Sara #728966

good luck with that sara


I was at Southcenter mall the other day and I saw this spa new beauty.I did some research and theyyy are owned by the *** who ripped me off $12000 when they declared bankruptcy.

I am surprised at Westfield's lack of ethics given that this is the fifth incarnation of Louise Talbot and Jeff Nourse corrupt scam. I thought they would mot do business with criminal elements but it doesnt matter to them. Westfield Ethics are flawed. Westfield corruption or mismanagent must be to blame.

Why would westfield put their shoppers at risk if they know the tenants they are dealing with.

Westfield tenants should be cautious as the landlord rents to anyone including thos that bring crime to the shopping center.I am appalled :cry


Louise Talbot and Jeff Nourse are stinking lowlifes. I am sure they are back in toronto running their scam from across the border.

Jeff Nourse family is in Toronto, Canada.

They owned Nourse Automotive which is a parts distributor.

I wonder if the know what a slimeball Jeff Nourse has become with his fraud.

They continue to back this and Westfield Southcenter condone it. The y could put a stop to this immediatly but they just want the money.

Westfield PR people in Australia should really know about this as it looks bad for Westfield to lease to known criminals.

New beauty med spa and renew beauty med spa in Dallas Texas are the same company.

Louise lives in a hotel because she needs to keep moving to survive her life of crime and theft. Di you hear me louise. YOU are a common thief. You too Jeff Nourse of toronto canada


sorry to say but its the same old owners, half the staff that works there has worked for the last companies.


According to the WA Secretary of State corporations database, RENEW BEAUTY SPA LLC is registered by DEBBIE PROULX of 6060 N CENTRAL EXPWY STE 400, DALLAS, TX.


I haven't been to the mall since Brite smiles and pure med spa closed.The owed me $600 in treatments.

The new store refused to honor the credit even though I know they are affiliated with the louise talbot and kucumber skin lounge as well as Renew Beauty med spa.It is all the same people in there.


I purchased a package here 3 months ago and have yet been able to have my first appointment because the keep cancelling :(


Ah, Louise Talbot and Jeff Nourse at it again. I worked for these two criminals briefly back a few years ago. They constantly reinvent themselves with new names, declaring "bankruptcy" on the previous company, after thieving all the money not paying employees and then open up under a new company name to keep the cycle up.

When I worked there I witnessed Jeff Nourse lie about expiration dates on Botox and other fillers and change the labels to put expired products into customers, lie to customers and get them to pay up to $10,000 for "unlimited" services (knowing they would bankrupt the company and then re-open so they didn't have to fulfill services), he stole from a charity and never paid anyone that worked for him on time, if at all. My payckecks bounced repeatedly, people walked out on the job for nonpayment and at one point the police had to come and kick Louise Talbot off the premises of a store that the rent had not been paid and the location seized by the courts.

These two are beyond crazy and I really believe its only a matter of time before Dateline or 20/20 does an expose on them. They've pocketed probably millions of dollars from innocent people. And would love to know where the money goes since Louise is actually homeless and lives in hotel rooms. I wish I was kidding on this, she really has nowhere to live and lives out of a suitcase. She actually makes people who work for her do her laundry when she visits. Gross.

Just thought you shoould all be warned about these two criminals. If you are STILL inclined to spend your money just do yourself a favor and at least pay as you go. At least then you won't show up to an abandoned med spa and wonder why you can't get servicves for the thousands you paid.

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Westfield Southcenter South Center Mall should be ashamed of themselves for letting PUre Med Spa back in.I saw they reopened as New Beauty Med Spa but I am not fooled.

They changed their name last year FIVE TIMES from Pure Med Spa to Brite Smiles Brite Skin Med Spa to Pinnacle Med spa to IBody Med spa and now to New Beauty Med Spa which looks identical to Renew Beauty Med spa in Dallas Texaa which is owned by Louise Talbot, former COO of Brite Smiles and owner of Pure Med spa and partner in Crime with Jeff Nourse. I went in to get a refund of the $4000 they owed me after they closed.

They told me they are a different business but I can smell a rat and I know that they are connected to the previous owners.All of the employees are the same as well as the low grade service :cry

Petersburg, Illinois, United States #233915

New Beauty Med spa is off to more than a rocky start.If you google Renew Beauty Med spa in Dallas Texas you will see they are the same company.

Then google Louise Talbot Jeff Nourse and you will find out what others have experienced. ALL OF THE 5 STAR RATINGS ON THE NET ARE FAKE.


at least in my opinion and EVERYONE else's I ever met who had to deal with them.I am sure their mommy loves them :(


Last I heard her syster's name was Debbie Tru or True or something. Good luck.


I went to New Beauty for a facial and received a chemical peel for 79.00!in the passed have paid over 200.

My skin looks great and have a good expierence. There were no pboblems with disorganization.

They are less then 2 months old, so maybe a bumpy start.I will go back, but will pay on the day of my service, no prepaying for packages.

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So Louise Talbot sister is a thief as well.

does anyone know her name so the world can be warned that they are going to be robbed by her

Petersburg, Illinois, United States #230828

Gosh, I cannot believe Westfield Southcenter allowed these people back.I stopped in tne other day to see if I could get the $4000 back that they owed me when they closed for service not provided.

They say they are a different company but the employees are the same, The logo looks the same as Louise Talbot's store in Dallas called RENEW BEAUTY MED SPA. Louise is the former COO of Britesmiles and Pure med spa.Westfield knows they are *** artists and thieves. They have leased to them for 10 years. They will risk the health and safety of their customers for a few bucks rent.

Google Jeff Nourse FDA warning to see they use un tested products. An employee once told me they use outdated and unrefrigerated products as well. They have zero regulation or ethics.

BEWARE AND STEER CLEAR.The have groupon's and huge discounts because it is the only way left for them to get customers :(


You should contact Westfield and tell them what's going on, these people have been doing it for years now, and Westfield supports them all along.They tell customers Jeff and Louise are not allowed in the mall anymore, but they resign a lease with them right away.

This time around it is Louise's sister (from what we gather) that is dragged in as the "owner" but behind the curtains it is the same set of clowns that always ran these companies!Call Westfield and let them know you are not ok with them letting these crazies back in, these folks must be stopped!

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New Beauty med spa is the same as Britesmiles.

I stopped in to the Southcenter location and the manager was from the former PURE/PINNACLE/BRITESMILES location in Lynnwood.

They couldn't schedule because the lasers were not in yet ( they are scouring the junkyards looking for laser relics). As if I would make an appointment. I was just checking them out. I must say I am Surprised Westfield Mall Southcenter would let these people back in after all they are well aware of the fraud perpetrated against their customers

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This is scary stuff from Renew Beauty, their "sister company"

I would have given renew 1 star but the place is pretty and the staff is usually nice- clueless as ***, but nice.

So where to start- Renew is overpriced for what they offer so the only reason I even considered it was because of the Groupon. It's interesting how insane of a deal they offer on their groupon ($300 for 6 treatments of laser hair removal on full legs). Anyway, it's not worth it. Wait times tend to be at least 30 minutes after your scheduled appointment (in their defense, they have gotten better about this. I only waited a few minutes for my last appointment). If you call to ask them anything, reschedule an appointment, etc., don't hold your breath. They have an answering service who will take down your information and, if you're very lucky, you might get a call back (but it's highly unlikely). I don't think they are sanitary at all- when asked to change, I was handed a robe that was already lying on the bed from the last person who used it. The staff doesn't seem to really know what they are doing- apart from the really helpful staff I had my first time and my last time, each time has led to terrible results. My 2nd and 3rd treatment, I broke out into red, itchy bumps all over my legs because apparently their settings are off. I called repeatedly until I was finally given someone to speak to. She expressed some empathy and asked me to come in. She said the settings may have been off or it may have been just my skins natural reaction (which seems off because I didn't get the bumps on my first treatment or on my 4th treatment). Anyway, she sold me some cream that was supposed to help and offerred 50% off. Yeah, so I paid $78 for the tiniest tube of cream that is likely no more than a standard hydrocortizone. Of course, the cream did nothing.

Anyway, I'm debating whether I would finish out my treatments with the person who performed the service last time or drop this all together. For those who HAVEN'T been, I would advise against it. They do have a wonderful selection of kerastase products though.

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:( It is no wonder they have declared bankruptcy as Pure Med Spa, Brite Smiles and reopened as New Beauty Med Spa or Medspa.I was looking on google and it appears these are the same owners.

Someone called Louise Talbot used to be the COO of BriteSmiles and now owns Renew Beauty Medspa in Dallas Tx. Their logo is the same as this one. After reading about the history of these companies starting with pure med spa and Louise Talbot and Jeff Nourse, I have decided to go to a different spa. WHY RISK IT.

Could it be that THEIR 'TO GOOD TO BE TRUE' SPECIALS are the only way to sucker in a new customer. Will they get the service they expect?

They have a history of using broken Lasers and untrained staff from what I read and so many people got screwed out of money.If they are the same people, Westfield Southcenter should be ashamed of themselves for letting them back in.

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